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One day when i saw a drawing plotted using AutoCAD in my office with a stamp ‘Produced by an Autodesk Educational Product’ in all 4 sides of that drawing at the edges. I asked my CAD engineer that how was this happened. He replied that the drawing was sent by a consulting designer. I immedeately called an agent who sell AutoCAD and enquired about this. He said that the drawing that is created by using AutoCAD Educational Version will be plotted with the plot stamp ‘Produced by an Autodesk Educational Product’. He also said that there is not any option to remove that plot stamp from the drawing.

It just worried me very much as i cannot submit the drawing to my client with that plot stamp. I just started thinking for an idea to remove that plot stamp from my drawing. Suddenly an idea came out of my memory that is the command ‘DXFOUT’. I just took that drawing file from my CAD engineer and opened in AutoCAD with commercial license and exported the drawing to DXF format using the command ‘DXFOUT’. After that i opened that DXF file in AutoCAD closing the previous file. I saved this DXF format file to DWG format and plotted again.

Now i did not see that plot stamp ‘Produced by an Autodesk Educational Product’ in the plot. It made me very happy. So dont worry if you too have faced a similar problem.

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  • nana.kwadwo

    thanks. u saved my project

  • Sadi_shr

    thnk u so much………..

  • Mangel

    You have made my Week.

    Thank you very much. 

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  • tkeplar

    Thank you so much. client used an educational version to draw up their floor plan. after i imported their cad file to draw the floor plan using theirs as a template, my drawing had the stamp attached. this method saved me the time of redrawing up again the hard way. thanks again for this posting.